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KGET: Local News

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    BAKERSFIELD, CA - Court records show Julian Hernandez is a career criminal, in and out of prison and jail since age 15. His father, Idalberto Saavedra, has been in prison since Hernandez was four, a life sentence for murder.

    Hernandez was born in Bakersfield 32 years ago and started getting into trouble at a young age. He was 15 the first time he was picked up, served 20 days in juvenile hall. Since his first arrest, court records show a cycle of criminal behavior. Hernandez has 13 different cases against him, two felony convictions, nearly 15 probation violations.

    After a 2012 conviction for spousal abuse, Hernandez told court officers he suffered from depression and ADD. He also told officer that he first tried marijuana and methamphetamine at 16, snorted and smoked meth on a daily basis, but never considered himself an addict.

    Hernandez has four children and had the first at age 17.

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    BAKERSFIELD, CA - Julian Hernandez, the man accused of leading BPD officer David Nelson on that deadly chase, has felony convictions dating back to 2001. With 13 different cases against him including resisting arrest, evading police and spousal abuse.

    Local criminal defense attorney, Jared Thompson, about the felony charges Hernandez is facing. Thompson gave us a breakdown of what each charge means and the minimum and maximum time Hernandez could serve.

    The first felony charge evading an officer causing death means Hernandez willfully evaded an officer knowing the officer was behind him. "They look at things like was the officers lights on was the sirens sounded and from the suspect stand point was that person willfully evading an officer and did they intend to evade the officer when they took off or drove whatever it is that they did," said Thompson.

    The second felony charge vehicular manslaughter including gross negligence. "It is the more severe type of criminal negligence, they then have a lesser charge which is ordinary negligence and it is really factually specific," said Thompson.

    Since Hernandez admitted to owning the loaded shotgun found at the scene he was charged with carrying a loaded firearm with prior conviction, possession of a firearm by a felon and possessing ammunition when prohibited to posses a firearm. "Any person convicted of a felony in the state of California looses their right to carry a firearm permanently," said Thompson. District Attorney Lisa Green said the maximum time Hernandez faces is 12 years 8 months. "The minimum could be as low as probation but a judge would have to make special findings to give a guy like this a grant of felony probation," said Thompson.

    Despite the high profile of the case, Thompson says the facts are the most important thing to remember. "Hopefully everyone involved in the criminal case can set aside passion and emotion and really look at the evidence and whatever happens should happen based on that, evidence, not emotion," said Thompson.

    Hernandez's bail is set at $600,000.

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    BAKERSFIELD, CA- Officer David Nelson's mom and dad did not speak at the service, but instead had his uncle and best friend speak about the 26 year old on behalf of the family

    His uncle talked about when Officer Nelson was a baby and the life he lived as he grew up

    Police Chief Greg Williamson also spoke about Nelson and the type of careful and dedicated officer he was

    Officer nelson's roommate and fellow officer spoke after him and was very emotional saying he feels empty without his best friend.

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    BAKERSFIELD, CA - Newly-filed court documents that were made available Wednesday afternoon, show Julian Hernandez admitted to the crimes he's charged with, both in a written note and during an interview.

    Detectives say when they first approached Hernandez, he gave them a handwritten note stating he was the driver in the pursuit.

    Detectives then drove Hernandez to Bakersfield Police headquarters where they interrogated him.

    They say Hernandez offered information that only the person involved in the chase would know.

    Hernandez told detectives he fled when Officer Nelson approached his car and that he drove at high speeds, pushing the accelerator all the way to the floorboard during the chase.

    According to the documents, Hernandez said he had a loaded shotgun behind the driver's seat and was going to do whatever it took to avoid capture by the police.

    Hernandez reportedly told detectives he was going to drop off the loaded weapon to an unnamed person.

    Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to five felony counts, including evading an officer causing death, being a felon carrying a loaded firearm and vehicular manslaughter.

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    (NBC News) Millions of Americans are gearing up to celebrate our country's independence around the grill, but before you light up you will want to be sure not to send your guests home sick.

    Foodborne illness is a serious health threat in the United States. Public health officials say at least 48-million Americans get sick with the disease every year. 

    U.S. Department of Agriculture representatives say many cases can be prevented by adopting good food-handling practices. 

    "You want to make sure you wash your hands and surfaces often, make sure you separate your raw meat and poultry from ready to eat foods, cook your meat and poultry to a safe internal temperature, and chill foods promptly," says the USDA's Kristina Beaugh.

    Foodborne illnesses are more common during the summer months because harmful bacteria multiply faster when foods heat up in warm temperatures.

    Meat and poultry should be put on the grill right away once they are brought outdoors and kept at a temperature of about 140 degrees or warmer until they are served.

    They're simple ways to celebrate the red, white, and blue, without feeling green.

    Read more:

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    BAKERSFIELD, CA.-2015 Kern County 4th of July events: 

    ***JULY 3, 2015

    Friday, July 3rd
    9:00 p.m. fireworks show
    Shafter High School Football Field 
    •presentation of the Flag, National Anthem and Invocation. Zambelli Internationale will present a Fireworks Spectacular at 9:00 p.m. with a colorful aerial and mid-air displays, ending with a Grand Finale of color that will light up the Shafter sky.

    Friday, July 3rd
    6:30 p.m.
    9:00 p.m. fireworks show
    Buttonwillow Elementary School,
    Football Field,
    42600 Hwy. 58,
    • Games, entertainment and food 
    Friday, July 3rd
    4:00 p.m. -11:30 p.m. 
    9:00 p.m. Fireworks Show 
    Taft Rails to Trails, between 6th St./Main St.  
    Food & Craft Vendors, Beer Garden, Bounce Houses, Live Music

    ***JULY 4, 2015

    Saturday, July 4th 
    6:00 p.m., Fireworks at 9:00 p.m.
    The Park at River Walk, 11200 Stockdale  
    Food vendors onsite, bounce houses and other activities. Bring a picnic, blankets or lawn chair and of course bring the entire family. Fireworks with performances by Foster Campbell & Friends.
    Cost: Free admission 

    Saturday, July 4th 
    7:45 p.m. game begins 
    Sam Lynn Ballpark 
    Tickets start at just $8 on July 4th <>

    Saturday, July 4th 
    (Races start at 10am)
    Philip Marx Central Park 
    Mojave and E Street, 
    Tehachapi CA, 93561
    • We would like to invite you to a fun-filled, patriotic July 4th celebration and Hot Dog Festival. Bring your lawn chair and sunscreen and join in our games and the children's parade, listen to music from our own local musicians, and catch the fireworks display at the football stadium or rodeo grounds. *We are excited to bring back the popular Wiener Dog races at our Annual Hotdog Festival on July 4, 2015. Races start at 10 am
    (661) 822-2200

    Saturday, July 4th 
    10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
    -Fort Tejon Historic Park 
    4201 Fort Tejon Road, 
    Lebec CA, 9343
    • Come and take a step back in time and see California as it was in 1856. At Fort Tejon State Historical Park vistors can witness life at this U.S. Army post of the far west. Fort Tejon was a crossroads for many converging and competing cultures of the 1850s. Vistors are invited to view the living history demonstrations of everyday life of the common soldier and civilian men, women and children at this mountain outpost. 
    (661) 248-7001
    Cost:$5 Adults, $3 Children (7-17), FREE Children 6 & under

    7:00 p.m.
    Fireworks and Gala hosted by California City's Parks and Recreation Department. DJ begins @ 7p.m. and fireworks to follow @ 9p.m.
    California City Central Park 
    10300 Heather Ave, 
    California City CA, 93505
    (760) 373-3530

    Saturday, July 4th 
    NASCAR Racing, Bounce Houses, Fireworks, Family Fun! - Racing that night will include NASCAR Late Models, NASCAR Super Stocks, NASCAR Spec Mods, INEX Legends, INEX Bandoleros, and Mini Dwarfs Fireworks Spectacular presented by KUZZ Grandstand opens at 4:00pm
    Kern County Raceway Park 
    13500 Raceway Blvd, 
    Bakersfield CA, 93311
    (661) 835-1264
    Cost: General Admission $15, Reserved Seating $20, Kids 6 to 15; Active Military; Seniors 65 and Better $10, Kids 5 and under are FREE. Family Four Pack (2 Adults, 2 Kids) $35.

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    BAKERSFIELD, CA- By necessity, xeriscaping is gaining in popularity in Kern County.

    "Xeri" is a greek word for "dry."

    We hear alot of talk about xeriscaping these days.But turning your lawn into a water-stingy landscape can be an expensive venture.

    And public perception of xeriscaping has generally been negative.

    But as the west sinks deeper into drought, that perception is changing.

    It's certainly nothing new. Retirees living in Bakersfield's Kern City subdivision were xeriscaping when xeriscaping wasn't cool.

    Tidy homes with rock lawns. Low maintenance was the driving force back in the 70's.

    But the xeriscapes of today have more bling.

    Just check out the new look at Don Lucas Jewelers on Oak Street.

    In northeast Bakersfield, homeowner Ric Lemucchi has taken the xeriscape challenge.

    "We decided to give the front lawn a try," said Lemucchi.

    His front yard slopes to the street. It used to be just one large patch of lawn dominated by clay soil and susceptible to run-off during watering.

    Now Lemucchi is putting in a raised flower bed, a red brick walkway, and artificial turf.

    "It's expensive. It really is," Lemucchi said. "I was hoping for a rebate on the fake grass but it didn't happen."

    Experts say xeriscaping can entail significant costs up front, in exchange for substantial savings down the road.

    Kathy Robinson, co-owner of Robby's Nursery in northwest Bakersfield, says it's best to start small.

    "Don't run out and just rip everything out. Maybe make a flower bed bigger and do a xeriscape in one area and see if you like it," she said.

    Experts say for xeriscaping success, follow these seven principals.

    1- make a good plan and design
    2- group plants together based on their water needs.
    3- prepare and amend your soil.
    Robinson said you must prepare your soil because native soils in Bakersfield don't have an abundance of organic material needed for plant growth.
    4- Appropriate use of turf grass. You don't have to rip all of it out. Integrate modest swatches of grass into your xeriscape.
    5- Install an efficient irrigation system, or retrofit your existing system.
    6- Use mulch to retain moisture and boost organics.
    7 Practice good maintenance.

    Just because you won't have to mow your yard anymore doesn't mean you should ignore your xeriscape.

    "You still have to maintain every plant, gotta spray for bugs, you still gotta prune," Robinson cautions. "A drought-tolerant landscape with a lot of plant material could end up being more work. Although very beautiful, it could be a lot of work."

    The use of drought-tolerant plants is rapidly gaining popularity in California. And xeriscaping needn't be restricted to just native plants.

    There's a wide array of eye-catching and colorful plants from arid regions around the world, that will thrive here in the southern valley.

    Experts say the bottom line is xeriscaping will yield substantial water savings in the long run and will help you save on your water bill.

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    BAKERSFIELD, CA- Here is one last video tribute and a final goodbye to fallen Bakersfield Police Officer David Nelson.

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    BAKERSFIELD, CA- The Oklahoma Police officer accused of kidnapping a local teen half his age has pleaded not guilty to charges in Nevada.

    The girl in protective custody, and the officer behind bars in Las Vegas.

    Police say Danniel Boone Morgan, 30, was arrested at Treasure Island on the Vegas strip.

    He has been charged with two felony counts of Statutory Sexual Seduction and one felony count of kidnapping.

    Morgan is accused of kidnapping a 15-year-old Bakersfield girl from her grandfather's house in Turlock last week.

    Police say Morgan tracked the teen to Turlock, where she willingly left with him after her grandfather stepped out for five minutes.

    Morgan is an officer for the Kiowa Oklahoma Police Department, about 130 miles southeast of Oklahoma City.

    The department says he is on administrative leave.

    Turlock police are charging Morgan with felony kidnapping.

    Police in McAlester, Oklahoma also are investigating Morgan for sexual abuse of a minor.

    Las Vegas police say the teen was uninjured when she was found.

    Because she may be a victim of sexual abuse, we are not disclosing the teen and her father's identity.

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    BAKERSFIELD, CA- The Kern River is running so low right now that Cal Water's northeast water treatment plant was in danger of running out of water to treat and send to homes in Bakersfield.

    An agreement reached between water companies will prevent that.

    The agreement reached this week, secures water supplies for the next year for two crucial treatment plants in northeast and northwest Bakersfield, operated by California Water Service company.

    Under the deal, Cal Water will receive 10,000 acre feet of Kern River water from the Kern Delta Water Storage District.

    In exchange, Cal Water will deliver the same amount to Kern Delta from its banked groundwater supplies.

    The City of Bakersfield and the Kern County Water Agency were also involved in the deal.

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    BAKERSFIELD, CA- Push it, push it real good” Is what Salt-n-Pepa want to hear you singing on Friday July 31st. The nostalgic trio will perform at Eagle Mountain Casino for an 8:00pm concert along with special guest Kid-n-Play for an on your feet dance show.

    The group who consist of Cheryl James (“Salt”), Sandra Denton (“Pepa”), and Deidra Roper (“DJ Spinderella”), was formed in 1985 and was one of the first female rap groups. They’ve won 3 MTV Awards in 1994 for Best Electronic dance Music Video, Best Choreography, Best R&B Video. They also won BET’s I am Hip-Hop Icon Award during the same year. They also have a handful of Grammy awards for Best Rap Performance by a Dou or Group. Salt-n-Pepas hits include “The Showstopper”, “Twist and Shout”, ‘Push It”, “Shoop” and “Whatta Man” to name a few.

    Performing after Salt-N-Pepa is Kid-n-Play, an American Hip-Hop duo from New York City that made their musical debut in the late 1980’s and early 90’s. The Duo consist of Christopher “Kid” Reid and Christopher “Play” Martin. Kid-N-Play recorded three albums together between 1988 and 1991 which created “Rollin with Kid ‘n Play”, “Funhouse’, and “Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody”. They’re trademark was the famous Kick Step dance, Ki’s visual hi-top fade haircut, and Plays eight-ball jackets. Both men are also popular for branching out into acting.

    The Salt-n-Pepa concert will be held at the Event Center on Friday July 31st. Tickets start at only $25 and are available online at or in the gift shop. Summit Card Members receive $5 off when purchasing tickets at the gift shop. Doors open at 8:00pm and show starts at 9:00pm.

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    BAKERSFIELD, CA- Krispy Kreme doughnuts is coming back to Bakersfield.

    It's going in the old A&W building on Rosedale Highway in the Northwest Promenade.

    The store hopes to open sometime in August.

    Krispy Kreme was originally at the corner of Stockdale Highway and Gosford Road in southwest Bakersfield.

    It closed back in 2005.

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    BAKERSFIELD, CA- Dick Taylor of Bakersfield has been awarded Veteran of the year..

    The director of Kern County Veterans Services has been selected by Assemblywoman Shannon Grove as her district's veteran of the year.

    Taylor was recognized at a special luncheon in Sacramento last week.

    Grove says Dick Taylor has traveled the world in service of his country as a Marine and has spent the last three decades serving people in Bakersfield running his family business.

    He also works as a county veterans service officer and volunteers for several local organizations, including Honor Flight Kern County.

    Taylor was born and raised in Bakersfield.

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    BAKERSFIELD, CA- Many people in Kern county are wanting to light up their house in blue to support Officer Nelson and a local organizations is providing the blue bulbs.

    "The Kern County Bridal Association" will be receiving 240 lights Friday.

    The suggested donation is $6.00.

    The money will support the BPD and the Officer David Nelson Fund.

    For more information call 979-1197.

    Also check the Kern Bridal Association's Facebook for updates.

    According to the Facebook page "Lights on for Officer David Nelson," Sunday July 12 has officially been designated as the night to shine a blue light in honor of Nelson.

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    BAKERSFIELD, CA - You probably know there are rules in place on fireworks, but you may not know there are new regulations this year. City and the county regulations aren't the same.

    Local fireworks hotlines received hundreds of reports last year of illegal fireworks. Bakersfield fire officials say there were 31 fires in city limits alone.

    City fire Chief Doug Greener said, "Last year in spite of enforcement efforts, celebrants managed to burn down a garage, burn the roofs off several homes, burn down fences, trees shrubs, grass and scare the life out of pets across the city."

    Dozens of teams will again conduct patrols this Fourth of July weekend, to crack down on illegal fireworks.

    "If we can identify an individual, they will definitely get a citation and it will be $1,500," said Greener.

    To be legal in California, fireworks must have the state fire marshal seal and the slogan, "safe and sane."

    Kern County fire Captain Tyler Townsend said, "Anything that flies in the air, explodes or anything that's been modified from a safe and sane firework, or used in a purpose that is not intended for, is illegal."

    Fireworks are not allowed in county parks and mountain communities.

    Supervisors passed new restrictions on fireworks in February, increasing the fines for multiple offenses. At that time, county leaders decided not to include a ban of piccolo petes and ground flowers. Those same fireworks, however, are banned in the city of Bakersfield.

    Kern County fire Chief Brian Marshall said, "Enjoy the fireworks that are safe and sane. Do them according to the instructions and be safe."

    A hotline has been setup for Bakersfield residents who want to report people with illegal fireworks. That number is 868-6070. It will be staffed Friday and Saturday nights, from 7 p.m. until midnight.

    In the county, call 877-fire-tip or go to These contacts are for non-emergency reports of illegal fireworks.

    Fireworks are allowed Friday from 9 a.m. until midnight and Saturday from 9 a.m. until 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning in both the city and county.

    If you light fireworks outside of these times, in prohibited areas, if you're caught with illegal or modified fireworks, or they're used on your property you could be fined.

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    BAKERSFIELD, CA - One man is in the hospital after being stabbed in central Bakersfield.  Bakersfield police say it happened around 8:30 Friday morning on the 1600 block of Union Avenue next to the Residence Hotel.

    Officers found the man down on the sidewalk, stabbed in the leg.  Right now, they don't know what led up to the stabbing or if the suspect or victim were staying at the hotel.  Police say a suspect has been detained.   

    Officers went to several rooms trying to get information.  Police say the man's injuries are moderate and paramedics took him to the hospital.

    Anyone with information should call BPD at 661-327-7111.

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    BAKERSFIELD, CA - Chuck Nordstrom from the SPCA says Pixie was turned in with her mother and another puppy. Her mom was a poodle. Looks like dad was a Chihuahua. She is 9 weeks old.
    Nordstrom says she just needs to be spayed. Then you can take her next week.

    if you're interested in adopting the pet of the week, you can call the SPCA at 323-8353, or go down and visit the many animals they have up for adoption. The Bakersfield SPCA is at 3000 Gibson Street in northwest Bakersfield.

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    BAKERSFIELD, CA - Brooke, Breanna and Baylee Baker started making necklaces as a way to have some extra cash.

    Brooke Baker said, "They're bubblegum necklaces. They're big, bulky beads and we put them on wire and we make them."

    Their purpose changed six months ago when their dad got laid off from his job in the oilfields.

    Their father, Tommy Baker, said, "I got little side jobs here and there, just trying to make ends meet."

    Brooke Baker said, "Instead of using that money for spending money, use to help around the house with bills and that sort of thing."

    A gesture their father says has not only helped financially, but has been an inspiration to the family as well.

    Tommy Baker said, "What do you think as a parent, you're floored."

    At $10 a piece, the girls have sold hundreds of necklaces, frequently making trips to the coast to ply their trade.

    "I don't even think we can count them. I think all together we've probably made about 300-400," Brooke Baker said.

    Making things a little easier for the family of eight.

    "I'm awfully proud of them. They've helped out quite a bit. A lot of kids wouldn't do what they've done," said Tommy Baker.

    For more information, log on to:

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    BAKERSFIELD, CA -  Kern County Fire investigators are looking into what sparked a grass fire Friday morning in east Bakersfield.  

    Just after 11 Friday morning, crews were called for a grass fire on the south side of Eucalyptus Drive, east of Fairfax Road. Officials say the fire was spreading toward a home on Eucalyptus and locals were attempting to extinguish the flames. When crews arrived, the fire was burning approximately 1/4 acre of grass and rubbish.

    An inoperable pickup truck had also been burned over. Crews worked quickly to extinguish a fence fire next to a residence and to stop the progression of the grass fire. Once the fire was contained, firefighters stood by for a KCFD Fire Investigator to analyze the scene. A dozer was then utilized to spread apart a large pile of smoldering debris.

    The residents of a home on the south side of Eucalyptus Drive were awoken by firefighters and advised of the situation. Firefighters were able to control the fire before the home was damaged.

    Eucalyptus Drive was temporarily closed between Dennison Lane and Valencia Drive.  Firefighters believe it will reopen sometime Friday afternoon. Alternate routes are available.  The highway patrol assisted with traffic control in the area.  

    Fire officials because of what's expected to be a busy holiday weekend, they are staffing extra equipment including 2 Fire Engines, 4 Water Tenders and additional Air and Wildland Resources until 8 PM on Sunday.

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    Bakersfield, CA - If you have too much to drink and need a ride home this Fourth of July weekend, AAA is again offering its free Tipsy Tow service.  It provides a free ride and vehicle tow up to seven miles from the point of pickup to drivers who drink alcohol on the Fourth of July weekend.

    Tipsy Tow service is available by calling 1-800-400-4222, regardless if you're a member. It will be offered Friday at 6 p.m. through 11:59 p.m. Saturday, officials said.  Avoid becoming a statistic and help guests stay safe by following these tips from AAA:

    Ensure all guests have a ride to and from their destination in a car driven by a non-drinking designated driver.

    Plan activities that take the focus away from drinking, and make non-alcoholic beverages readily available.  

    Serve high-protein snacks to slow down alcohol absorption.  

    Stop serving alcohol at least 90 minutes before a party ends, and serve guests coffee or dessert.

    Take car keys from intoxicated guests who plan to drive home.

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